When the world stood still due to the pandemic, an idea came to me.


"What if I recorded myself playing the piano part of sonatas at home... For everyone to have a karaoke-style play-along with their instruments right from their homes?"

Just like that,【Chamber Music Karaoke】 was born.

Now on the brand new webshop, you will find an assortment of complete sonatas to work through. Take a look!

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*on the series 【Chamber Music Karaoke】

Reviews and Testimonials

"What a great video in this pandemic season. I played with your adorable accompaniment all day!"


"Thank you and it helps a lot during the lockdown"

"I love your smile! Wish all collaborative pianists would exude such positive vibes ;)"

「フランクのヴァイオリンソナタに取り組むところです!伴奏カラオケのアップありがとうございます♪ 活用させて頂きます❗️ 」

「大好きな曲、素敵な伴奏有り難うございます🎵 凄く弾きやすく、テンションが上がります💕フランクやブラームスも弾いてみます😊」


Play-along from instrumentalists all over the world


Will you still be uploading to YouTube? / Will the videos already uploaded to YouTube stay there?

Absolutely! The Chamber Music Karaoke series will carry on as it always was and will stay free of charge on my YouTube channel.

Can I request a specific work/concerto?

I currently am not accepting any requests (subject to change- subscribe to my newsletter or my socials to keep up to date!) and this project is dedicated to Chamber Works only.

Can I check the quality of the videos before I purchase?

The videos on my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/c/KasumiYui) are as high recording quality as the videos you will be able to purchase here on my webshop. You can start by browsing my YouTube channel for single movements of Sonatas that you are interested in and the complete Sonata with all the movements are available for purchase here.

How does the purchasing process work?

Is it possible to get a refund?

As there are multiple examples of my work available (please refer to the above links) and due to the nature of digital products, refund, in principle, is not possible. However, if you have a special reason to be asking for a refund, please contact me directly on hello[at]kasumiyui.com and we can discuss options.